Leadership is the word which draws the attention of hundreds of thousands of people. In simple words, one can say that the leader is one who leads a person, group, community or nation for a common purpose. Almost all of the groups have their leaders such as religious leaders, political leaders, ideal and familial leaders. Leader is always followed by the group of people in such a way that he/she becomes their role model. A leader is always obeyed, heard, and honored by the followers. Thus, the “group-guiding” force is the name of leadership.


Qualities of Leadership


There are no hard and fast rules to be qualified as a leader but some important qualities of leaders are mentioned by few sociologists. According to Professor Bernard, the leader must have the following qualities.

  1. Vitality
  2. Decisiveness
  3. Clear View
  4. Foresightedness
  5. Correct Judgment
  6. Sympathetic to his/her Followers
  7. Good Public Relations
  8. Self Consciousness

These were some of the important qualities which must be possessed by a leader. A question arises here, whether a single person could posses all such qualities or not. To answer this question one can say that it is difficult for a single person to acquire all of the above mentioned qualities.

Functions of Leadership


In general the term leadership imposes few functions on the shoulders of a leader. A leader encourages the members, releases the tension and becomes the single voice of whole group. Maintenance of strength and achievement of goals are also important functions of leadership. According to Professor Bernard, following four functions of leadership are necessary.

  1. The determination of objectives.
  2. The manipulation of means.
  3. The stimulation of coordinated actions.
  4. The control of the instrumentality of actions.

Advantages of Leadership


Leader is an important member of a group who plays a vital role in shaping the goals and making the roadmaps. A group can face difficulties in the absence of a leader. A leader is one who communicates with other members in such a way that he/she minimizes the tension and frustration of his/her followers. Leader takes good decisions in the crucial circumstances which are difficult to be taken by the ordinary members of group. Therefore it can be concluded that there are numerous  advantages of leadership.



Leader is a person who leads his followers or supporters. There is a great significance of leaders in a group. A leader is always followed, obeyed, and honored by his/her supporters. Precisely, leadership is the name of “group-guiding” force. As far as the qualities of leaders are concerned, there are several qualities needed to be possessed by a leader such as farsightedness, clear view, correct judgment and sympathetic etc. A leader has to perform important functions both in external as well as in internal matters of his/her group. Hence, leader is a vital member of a group who draws the roadmaps and shapes the means to achieve the goals of a group, community or a nation.

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