Suicide is an act of killing oneself. Suicide is committed by human beings intentionally. An individual commits suicide in the conditions of mental disorders such as tension, frustration, depression, anxiety and stress etc. On the other hand, the social disorders are also playing roles in increasing the rate of suicide attempts. Poverty, illiteracy, hunger, injustice and crimes are forms of social problems which are responsible for suicide attempts. Well known social scientist Emile Durkheim categorized suicide into three forms which are: Altruistic, Anomic and Egoistic suicide.


Altruistic Suicide


According to Durkheim, Altruistic suicide is the type of a suicide in which a person kills himself or herself for the wellbeing of others. This form of suicide is common in wars, prisons and protests etc. It has been seen that most of the time people commit suicide to fulfill their demands. Hence, in the altruistic suicide, the suicide victim does not get benefits but his or her followers get the results.


Anomic Suicide


Anomic suicide is another type of suicide in which a man commits suicide because of social disorders. For example, if a man becomes poor over a night in business loss, he/she commits suicide because he/she cannot bear the poverty or new social status in the society. Anomic suicide is common in now days. Following are some examples of anomic suicide act.

  1. A man commits suicide because of failure to secure a job.
  2. A man commits suicide after the death of beloved one.
  3. One commits suicide because he/she cannot fulfill the demands of life.
  4. A person commits suicide because he/she cannot get proper sexual satisfaction etc.


Egoistic Suicide


Egoistic suicide is also a kind of suicide in which a person kills himself/herself while suffering from the mental diseases. In egoistic type of suicide a person becomes selfish as he/she commits suicide without any solid reason. One commits suicide without thinking about his/her family, friends, and relatives etc.

As far as the causes of egoistic suicide are concerned, as we discussed earlier like mental diseases. Beside mental diseases there are also other causes like access of knowledge, drinking and usage of other drugs may lead to egoistic suicide.


Impacts of Suicide on Society


Suicide does not leave its impacts only on family, groups and on community but also leaves lots of impacts on the society as well. The image of society becomes ugly where the suicide attempts are high. The society which has the great number of deaths rate because of suicide catches the interest of international community. Beside this a kind of disharmony arises into society because of suicide attempts.




Suicide is an act of killing oneself. Both mental disorders as well as social problems are the causes to increase the suicide rates in a society. There are three main types of suicide as Altruistic, Anomic and egoistic suicide. Suicide leaves lots of negative impact on society.

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