Definition of Personality

We all hear the term personality too much, and on the basis of our own simple understanding of the concept of personality we describe our personality and sometimes others too. The truth is, most of us do not know the true concept of personality and its composition with respect to psychology.

Whenever we are talking about personality, we should know that psychology is involved too. For the reason that Psychology is the science that deal with human thoughts, feelings and behavior. These important elements is what joins up giving form to the personality of the human being.

So, all in all, Personality is the combination of behaviors, emotions, motivations, thoughts and the way of speaking, eating, sleeping etc. It is a set of qualities that makes a person distinct from another. Psychology has researched on the personalities of different people and the main thing that was noticed is that each person’s personality was different from the others on the basis of their different traits, ideas, thoughts, emotions and behavior. Concluding to the fact that every individual owns a different and unique personality.[sky]

Nature of Personality

Personality is considered to be the most significant aspect of an individual. It is said that two person can completely look alike, but their personalities can’t be similar. The nature of personality is a unique way of describing a person’s emotions and actions. Personality traits have strong genetic basis, these are highly unchanging over time but predict important societal outcome.

Individual Difference on the Basis of Personality

Human beings behave in exceedingly complex ways and to study them there are Personality psychologists. These Personality psychologists study the differences among the personalities of people. Due to the vast differences among these people, it is hard to observe their common characteristics. For instance, an individual may be similar in terms of a single personality character but not in terms of other.

Endurance and Consistency

A personality trait is usually an enduring characteristic. The consistency of a personality also depends upon the person, if a person desires to have something different in their lifestyle, they would have to change their personality to adopt to a different lifestyle. But if an individual has the stability in their life, they would remain consistent of their personalities. People are capable of changing, especially when they train themselves to adopt different behaviors. But one of the most popular theory is that, we all are born with a specific personality of our own which is hard to change. A person becomes capable of bringing changes to their personalities with the passage of time.

Dynamic Nature of Personality

The researchers believe that changes in personalities of people can be observed with the passage of time as their age increases. The researchers play an important role in helping the individuals to improve their quality of life. Though, core traits of personality can never be changed, there are other habits that become die-hard, can be worked on over the passage of time.

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