General Electric Company (GE) is an American multinational corporation. General Electric (GE) has evolved from Thomas Edison’s home laboratory into one of the largest companies in the world. General Electric Company was created as a result of merger of Edison General Electric Company and Thomson-Houston Electric Company In1892. It is a diversified technology, media and financial services company. The Company products and services ranges from water processing, aircraft engines, power generation, and security technology to media content, consumer financing, medical imaging, business and industrial products. The Company has 304,000 employees around the world and serves customers in more than 100 countries.


  1. GE is highly diversified in Energy Infrastructure, capital finance, NBCU, technology infrastructure and Consumer & Industrial.
  2. General Electric is second largest company in the world, based on a method that compare the profits, assets, total sales and market value of numerous multinational corporations.
  3. General electric company has long history of acquisition around the world which resulted in strong globe presence.
  4. It has the 4th most familiar brand in the globe having value of almost $48 billion.
  5. The company has strong financial position. The company annual earning is approximately $11 billion.
  6. General electric company has very strong research and development due to heavy investment in this department.
  7. General Electric exports are increasing rapidly. For example, United States exports rose to $18 billion.
  8. The company has solid industrial performance even though economy is suffering from financial crisis.
  9. It has Strong culture and management in terms of systems, technology, peoples and actions.
  10. General electric has improved the efficiency of supply chain and decreased overhead cost.
  11. General Electric Company has innovative technology and services. It has extended innovation across the portfolio. 
  12. It has Innovative employees and they have capability to generate a low-cost position.




  1. During the last 2 years, General Electric cut employment by 10%, raised equity and cut dividend.
  2. In 2009, General Electric was fined $50 million for breaching accounting rules in two different cases; misinforming investors into thinking GE would meet earnings expectations.
  3. General Electric’s industrial division is not performing well.
  4. General Electric has faced criminal act concerning its defense associated operations.
  5. General Electric is not performing up to mark in Asian markets, the developing and big markets in the globe.




  1. Fast-growing markets in Australia, China, Brazil and India.
  2. GE has invested nearly by 7% in R&D in 2010 which provides the opportunity to extend product lines.
  3. There would be $10 trillion spending in infrastructure by 2015, with a major portion in emerging markets.
  4. Introducing new products at different prices such as low-cost healthcare products, designed in India and China, and market effectively in the developed world.
  5. Development of infrastructure, growth in aviation industry and increasing global exploration provide greater opportunities.
  6. There is an enormous opportunity in inexpensive healthcare.
  7. Investments in emerging markets, expansion of services and valuable relationships provide big opportunities.
  8. China offers one of the globe’s fastest-growing aviation markets place.




  1. Asset prices across key divisions have fallen. Stakeholders lost faith in the values of complimentary markets and their control to create opportunities and wealth.
  2. This industry suffered one of the most horrible worldwide economic downturns in history.
  3. The profit of S&P “industrial” firms declined by16% in 2009 and demand was also decreased.
  4. Disclosure to financial markets after the economic slow down especially in America.
  5. Increasing instability in the global marketplace resulted in more systemic risk.
  6. Rising commodity prices and increasing inflation rate in most part of the world.    
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