Google Inc. is a multinational public corporation which was started in January 1996 as a research project by Larry Page and Sergey Brin when they were both PhD students at Stanford University in California. It is a technology company which maintains online content for users, Google network members, advertisers and other content providers. Google named for the mathematical term "googol and is currently recognized as the "world’s best search engine.  The SWOT analysis of Google inc. is given below.




  1. Google Inc. is a largest multinational public corporation with huge spending in advertising technologies, and internet search. 
  2. Google is the leading search engine in the US market, with a market share of 65.6%.
  3. Google hosts a number of internet-based products and services, and makes profit mainly from its Adwords program. 
  4. Google has employed diverse innovations in the online advertising market that helped make them one of the largest advertisers in the market. Ninety-nine percent 99% of Google’s revenue/sales is resulting from its advertising programs.
  5. Google’s affirmed mission from the beginning was "to systematize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful”.
  6. Google operates more than one million servers in data centers allover the world, and twenty (20) petabytes of user-generated data every day. It practices more than one billion search demands per day.
  7. Google introduced a chain of products, partnerships and acquisitions after the rapid growth.





  1. Through the Google interface the users acquire the impression that the search consequences involve a kind of totality; one only sees a little fraction of what one could see if other important research tools were also incorporated.
  2. One of the biggest Google’s incapability is to battle click fraud; clicks by automated script or person on advertisements without being attention in the product, to make money for the website holder.
  3. It became obvious that not only software and mathematical algorithms, but also human brains in the Google headquarter could alter information processed by Google. They could choose what will go online and in which form.
  4. Google is not expressing users to intended content and not censor results based on copyright.
    Google faced an "increasing public and legal relations problem" in 2010.
  5. In Feb 2010, 3 Google executives were handed six-month verdicts for the violation of Italian Personal Data Protection Code.
  6. Google Inc does not usually inform Web sites that they have been penalized.
  7. Misusing of the Google engine as a "reality interface" such as: Haughty that everything not present here is either simply does not exist or not important.
  8. Google’s advertising is their suppression of advertisers; various cases concern conformity with the Digital Millennium Copyright Act.





  1. Internet users are increasing day by day and usage rate in existing users is increasing.
  2. Strong copyright and security system can increase its customer base.
  3. Google can increase its revenue from its enterprise search machine.
  4. Enhancement in technology will bring better results for Google.
  5. Google can earn from Library services.
  6. Introduction of ventures to focus on consumer Internet, software, clean-tech, bio-tech and health care start-ups.
  7. Introduction of social networking sites to compete with face book and yahoo.





  1. The leading market position of Google’s services has escorted to criticism of the organization above issues including censorship, copyright, and privacy.
  2. A lot of the criticism of Google related to issues that have not yet been tackled by cyber law.
  3. Industry accounts in 2008 declared that around 14 to 20 percent of clicks were in fact fake or invalid.
  4. No huge investment is required to enter into the industry. It means that the entry barriers are low.
  5.   Google inc. is facing a lot of strict regulations from different countries.
  6. Google is facing strong rivalry from face book, yahoo and other social networking sites.
  7. Chinese search engine company Baidu emerged as the leading internet search company in China due to which Google is loosing its market share in China. 
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