Consumer Oriented Marketing

In the recent past, mostly companies used to adopt a product oriented approach to introduce and promote a product in the market. This was considered to be a naive endeavor of creating and marketing a product without any research done to find out what actually the consumer wants or any other related information to seek profits. This is how the consumer oriented approach came into practice in marketing.

Before implementing on the consumer oriented marketing strategy, following are certain fundamentals to abide by:
Which market segment the business should target at? Whether the consumers they target belong to a specific gender, age and culture? This can be found out easily by conducting a thorough survey at location or areas where the products or services are being sold out. How commercial are those markets? Generally, the biggest markets are more profitable for the business. Moreover, what are the buying habits of that market? For instance, when you are aware about the need of a consumer for a certain product or service it can be advantageous to know that information earlier.

Not long ago before this strategy was constructed, the marketing activities were done simply to promote the products and to increase the market share. In today’s competitive environment, the marketing activities are structured to fulfill the needs/wants of the consumers. The modern marketing has now emphasized the importance of consumer oriented marketing concept as the marketing activities are structured on the notion and purpose of thought such as:

Majority of the consumers know what they need

Orientation to consumer’s needs/wants is set as the main target for a successful implementation of marketing activities.

Marketing research can provide the best result in determining the needs/wants of the consumers.

The satisfied consumers will appreciate the producers by doing a repetitive purchase.

The consumer oriented marketing is seen as an alternative to the traditional oriented marketing which is where a product that is being endorsed and promoted is the center of attention to the marketers. The major three focuses to consumer oriented marketing is seen as an influence on what the consumer purchases: [sky]


This represents the size of the brand or market that makes the brand stand out amongst its competitors. This helps to create a model where the brand is able to analyze its own size of the market and the saturation within the market.


Some markets are seen as congested and persuading a consumer in the congested market is difficult. The consumer oriented marketing has to work at its best to influence the consumers to believe that this is the right product that they need.

Purchasing Power

The consumer oriented marketing must be directed at the right target audience. The purchasing power is the right determinant of how the product is being marketed. This involves a lot of research work to gather the right information about the consumers.

The Consumer Oriented Marketing has a constant focus on all areas of the business i.e. philosophy, goals, vision, the marketing strategies and website. Therefore, the consumer oriented marketing should work hard to gratify and fulfill the needs/wants of a defined group of consumers in consideration of the fact that it can never be all  things to all people.

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