Grand Strategy Matrix is famous tool for alternative strategies in addition to Space Matrix, BCG Matrix, IE Matrix and SWOT Matrix. All the firms can fall in one of the GSM’s four strategy quadrants. Grand strategy Matrix evaluation is based on two dimensions i.e. market growth and competitive position. Each quadrant provides the set of possible strategies in which company falls such as Quadrant 2 contains market development, market penetration, product development, horizontal integration, divestiture, and liquidation strategies. Quadrant 3 contains the set of retrenchment, related diversification, divestiture, unrelated diversification and liquidation strategies. Quadrant 4 contains the set of diversification, joint ventures and unrelated diversification strategies.


 Grand Strategy Matrix of Coca-Cola Company



As figure identify that Coca-Cola Company comes in the 1stquadrant. The company management must focus on current market and achieve growth by adopting product development, market development and market penetration strategies. The company has abundant resources and competitive advantage through which it can achieve growth by adopting the backward and forward integration strategies.  Coca-Cola Company can also adopt the related diversification strategy to reduce its risk with broad portfolio or product line. Coca-Cola can afford to take benefit of external opportunities in many areas. It can also take risks being aggressive when necessary.         

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