All those factors which are important to future competitive success of industry members are known as key success factors. These factors include product attributes, competitive capabilities, resources, competencies, market achievements etc. It is very important for the strategists to understand the landscape of industry in order to identify the most important competitive success factors. Due to changes in driving forces and competitive conditions, the key success factors of one industry differ from other. The key success factors of Walt Disney are given below:


High utilization of fixed assets


Walt Disney Productions renowned itself as a leader in the United States animation industry. Walt Disney has invested heavily in fixed assets by establishing its own film studios, theatres, amusement parks, and other facilities.


Well recognized and cherished brand name


Walt Disney has strong brand name in the industry and is very experienced. It is best known for the brand name of its film studio; “the Walt Disney Motion movies group”. Currently it is one of the best-known studios in Hollywood.


Product innovation capabilities


Walt Disney responds to their customers’ taste and preferences by a very creative method. It begins from brainstorming meeting well-known as “Blue Sky”. It has also established several facilities which mainly focus customer needs.


Breadth of product line product selection


Walt Disney is the most diversified corporation in the industry. It is diversified into travel, television, live-action, theatre, publishing, radio and film production etc and has enormous range of products in each category.
Creative organization culture and labor force: Walt Disney has very flexible culture and its employees have sovereignty to think ahead of boundaries and arise with new innovative ideas. They have sturdy motivation and teamwork. Disney is mainly famous for being a film producer, admired showman, and an innovator in theme park design and animation.


Internet capabilities


Walt Disney has official website which profile full information about products, excess to its products and facility of e-ticketing, etc. The Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) offers operational management and central strategic leadership and a world-class technology podium for all of the Walt Disney Corporation’s Internet properties. Disney Interactive Media Group (DIMG) expands and delivers a convincing mix of interactive entertainment and information services and content for Internet and mobile devices for viewers around the globe.
Production Facility: Walt Disney has complete production facility to produce any film, documentary, cartons etc. These facilities give edge to Disney over competitors in cost production and best quality.


Technological Know-how


Throughout its existence Walt Disney has been updating its technology. Open Source Software has an extraordinary significance for Walt Disney Animation Studios (WDAS). The Studio has a vast narration of technological innovation, choices from pioneering the employ of digital system for making hand-drawn animation and to mounting 3D painting and interpretation techniques in Deep image.

Throughout the years, the Studio has sustained to innovate in all characteristic of creating animated workings. As the circumstance of the industry has altered, permitting Open Source Software to turn into a common groundwork for many technologies. Disney wants to contribute reverse to the society due to which it has established this platform.

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