Key success factors refer to those factors which are important to future competitive success of industry members. These factors include product attributes, competitive capabilities, resources, competencies, market achievements etc. It is very important for the strategists to understand the landscape of industry in order to identify the most important competitive success factors. Due to changes in driving forces and competitive conditions, the key success factors of one industry differ from other. The key success factors of hotel websites are discussed below.


Key Success Factor (KSF’s) of Hotel Websites


If you are in hospitality industry, your existence on the internet is not somewhat that could be disregarded. Many of the studies conducted on hospitality industry reveals that more than 80% of the travelers make their hotel selections and more than fifty percent (50%) end up online booking. Similarly, approximately eighty percent (80%) of those prefer to book directly at the official websites of the hotel if they find the competitive rates and the honorable experience. Online booking remains the only way of growth in the hospitality industry. So; it is very important to design your website which attracts more customers. Here are some of the important Key Success Factors to design the successful website:




is one of the most important critical success factors for any website to be a user friendly. In today’s fast environment every one is busy and time is money for them. Therefore, they just ignore the complicated websites to save their time.


Engine Friendly


Your website also must be a search engine friendly because it guarantees that your website will be found on the internet. If you find that search engine has updated keywords then you should modify accordingly.


Key word


Your website must contain the set of commonly used keywords. When any body wants to search any thing and type in his/her browser, search engine ensure the records of the website and display the most relevant to the searched keyword. If two website have the same page rank, search engine will show the most relevant first.




use set of related heading in your website related to any thing same as (h1, h2, h3, etc), it will increase your chance.


Page Rank


Page Rank is the same as someone categorize any thing from best to worst or number one to number last.  Every one just want to visit websites which are on the first page to thinking the most flourishing  without knowing the reality.




If you do not have any locally or globally recognizable branded name Hotel then it is better to use geographical locations in your websites as a keyword. It will increase your probability to being searched, because most of the user search same as “hotels or any thing in some lace” rather than hotel name.




Providing online support functions and online structure is not enough, your website must contain the accessible front desk support number. Most of the customers prefer to communicate through phone calls. To ensure the success, your website must have the videos containing the material about the virtual tour of your hotel.   


Internet Traffic


You must have a reliable or trustworthy hosting service source. It is very important because once the website gets a reasonable traffic of customers then the chances of errors should be negligible. For example, if a user receives the message that “page not found or we are upgrading our system”, it will ruin the image of your hotel or business. Therefore, always use the reliable host service.   

These Key successes Factors will help you to build a very effective hotel website and it will keep you a strong contender in the industry. 

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