Information can be collected from various sources. It can be collected from books, internet, media and people. Now some of them are convenient while others are not. It depends upon the education, convenience, availability, choice and habit of a person collecting the information.   

Both internet and books can be used to get information. For some people books may be more convenient than internet and vise versa. So before giving any comments that which one is the good source of information we should look into the merits and demerits of both. The advantages of getting information from books are given below.

Books are the only source of information available almost every where in the world. Any body that wants to get information can have access to the books from the bookstall, stationary etc. On the other hand internet can not be accessed in every part of the world.

Books can be kept for long time to read them in future. Suppose a person wants to read the information in future, he can get it from the book protected in the shelf. Similarly if he wants to read a book in the train, on the bed etc he can have access to it.

Data or information is specific in the books. We can get the information of our choice while in the internet the information is scattered. We can not get the exact information which is required.

The information in the books is accurate than that of internet. The reason is that on internet everybody can give his/her suggestions or opinion about a subject. He may be right or wrong. The accurate data is also available there but it is very difficult to find out right or wrong information.

In most developing countries, people do not know the use of internet. It means that even if the internet is available in their cities they cannot benefit from it because they do not now the use of internet. Contrary, they can easily get information from the books as it does not require any technical skills.

The advantages of getting information from the internet are given below.

Internet carries a huge amount of information. It is the collection of various libraries, encyclopedias, articles, news, magazines etc. It means information on the internet is unlimited compared to the books. On the other hand books provide limited information about a particular subject.

Internet provides up to date information. We can get latest information about any issue or subject while the books carry static information. For example if we have a book on the "use of computer in the modern world". Now the information stored in it will remain same for centuries but the use of computers is changing day by day.

Internet is less expensive as compared to the books. For example if we want to get information about three different topics such as politics, medical and business, we have to purchase three different books which will cost a lot. On the other hand if we get the same information from the internet it will be less expensive.

Internet is less time consuming. This is true because it is very difficult and time consuming to search a topic from the different books and collect information.

Information is of different kinds. For example knowledge about the current rate of shares, total revenue of a company in a one day, current score of cricket team etc are all information. Now such information is not available in the books because of rapid changes in the environment.

In the light of above discussion we can easily conclude that the choice of selecting good medium of information solely depends upon the person seeking information. In some cases a person may find books more convenient than internet while in other he/she may find internet more convenient.

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