Global Warming

Global warming refers to the gradual increase in the average temperature of world atmosphere. This increase is of 0.6 centigrade every year. Global warming has become a serious problem for the life of living beings therefore concrete steps are required to address the problem effectively.

There are various causes of global warming; some of them are given as:

Global warming is caused by the pollution. Due to the pollution the concentration of greenhouse gases such as methane, carbon dioxide and water vapors increases which causes the green house effect.

Global warming is also caused by the deforestation (cutting of forests at a very large scale). Forests are the only source of converting CO2 into oxygen and we are continuously cutting the forests due to which CO2 is increasing while oxygen is decreasing. There is no strict rule to protect the forests due to which forests are disappearing from the map of the world.

Another important cause of global warming is the international disharmony among the countries, scientists and people. The broad example of international disharmony is the Koyto conference, which was held in 1997 in which it was decided that each country should reduce the consumption of CO2 till 2012. United States refused to sign the pact because it was the biggest producer of CO2 in the world.

Most of the developed countries in the world are doing such activities which promote the global warming. So it is very difficult to stop those countries from violating the rules. Similarly there are big business executives, which are so influential that they can change the rules and regulations of the emission of CO2.

Global warming has very serious effects. These are classified into two categories i.e. primary effects and secondary effects. In primary effects the temperature of earth will rise by 3 to 4 centigrade till 2100 and sea level will rise by 25 meters.

Secondary effects are caused due to the primary effects. When temperature rises the glaciers start to melt, due to which sea level rises and cause the secondary effects. Secondary effects consists of tornados, typhoons, cyclones, floods, draughts and change in the period of season i.e. summer will be long and winter will be short.
Global warming can not be stopped but steps can be taken to reduce it. Some of important steps or suggestions are given below.

Since pollution is caused by the power stations, factories, burning of fossil fuel, transport, and house hold use of oil. All these consumptions can be reduced to the minimum level by following steps:

  1. Introducing new means of transportation such as electric cars and trains
  2. Electricity should be produced from wind, water and solar energy
  3. Household should use electricity instead of oil or gas
  4. Steps should be taken to by the government to protect the trees by imposing bans on the cutting of trees.
  5. There should be international harmony among the people, scientists and countries over the issue. Developed countries have to leave the habit of violating the rules and regulations.

Although global warming is a serious problem for us and for our generation but it can be solved by adopting the above mentioned suggestions. In this way global warming can be reduced to the large extent other wise our generation will be in great trouble.

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