The above maxim reveals the secret success of life. One cannot achieve anything until and unless he/she strives for it. Believing strongly on luck and sitting idle will not bring success. What brings success is the will power, endeavor actions and perseverance. So one’s goals must be backed by his/her actions. There is a saying that “actions speaks louder than words”. It does not make a big difference what you say, what matters is that what you do. Fatalism is something dangerous to the tranquility of mind and human peace. If one believes that whatever happens to him/her is the consequence of destiny, then surely such person will lose his/her stamina and energy to work. Placing hope on the divinity of God that it will bring success is only possible when one strives for it. A man who believes in luck and does nothing will never succeed in the race of life. There is a renowned quotation that “I am the stronger believer of luck, the harder I work, the more I have of it.” Fatalistic held external factors accountable for shaping their destinies. Such people leave everything on God with the hope that things will pan out for the best. But one must not forget that “God helps those who help themselves”. People must not lose the true spirit of dignity and hard work. As it is time and again quoted that life is action, not contemplation. One can mould his/her destiny; that’s why it is rightly said that man is the architect of his own destiny. History is full of examples of those people who shaped their destiny in the right way. For instance Quaid-e-Azam founded Pakistan, Columbus discovered America, Albert Einstein contributed in the field of physics etc. Last but not least to support the above discussion is that “Where there is a will, there is a way”.

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