The above maxim reflects the true spirit of wisdom. It is better to listen from intellectuals than to speak unnecessarily. A person can widen his/her knowledge through listening. In an august gathering, it is recommended that one should listen attentively to other than to speak ridiculously. One cannot be considered an ignorant or stupid if he/she does not speak. The crux of the matter is that silence leads to the eternal happiness. Talking unnecessarily may cause misunderstanding between friends, colleagues and family members. Intellectuals are the ones who are good listener; they acquired wide range of knowledge from their ancestors, predecessors, and scholars. If anyone has any disagreement with anyone thoughts he/she may convey his/her message politely. Speaking too loudly and unnecessarily will not resolve the issues or conflicts but will make things worse. It is wise to be silent in order to avoid the unnecessary arguments or clashes. It is always witnessed that intellectuals never speak unnecessarily. Man should learn from the lives and attitudes of great intellectuals. As there is a saying that “it is better to be silent and be thought stupid than to speak and prove it’s true.”

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