Art is actually a representation of life in which an artist tries his/her level best to show the images of life. But an art is presented in such a way that nobody can imagine that it is unnatural, superficial or artificial. It is the skill of an artist that he/she gives life to those things which are non-living.

In the art of writing, we are secluded by the work of an author and sink in the depth of his/her writing. A sculptor makes a stunning sculpture of a man which catches the attention of thousands of people and compels them to think whether it is a statue or a living man. Thus, we can say that art lies in concealing art, other wise it will loose the aesthetic quality. We can see lot of aesthetic things on the televising that show how efficiently an art catches the interest of viewers in the movies. People become emotional, happy and entertained while watching movies. Even, they know that it is not real and shown only in a screen. This is a kind of intoxication which is being intoxicated by the skills of the artist.

In the same way, the great scenario are shown in pictures by the artist in which all the aspects of life are shown and viewers become impress by the longings of pictures. Sometimes peoples become so emotional that tears come into their eyes. It is the great achievement of an artist. The brain and hands of the artist are appreciable. These are the things like pictures, movies and sculptures but on the other professions, an artist plays important role too because he/she includes the art in an art so cleverly that it becomes purely natural and genuine. For example, poetry, magic, story writings, novels, dramas, music, dance and romance etc. So, we can say that art lies in concealing art.

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