An honest man is a brave. He may not be a warrior or popular man, but indeed he has won a great victory over lies. It is really good to be honest and honesty does not mean to be honest only with few people, but it has to be practiced in all spheres of life. One must remember the deeds of great men and philosophers. For instance Abraham Lincoln’s letter to his son’s headmaster “Teach him that it is far more honorable to fail then to cheat”. From this message, it is clear that one must be honest in all walks of life. Advertising also helps but is should be true and factual. It has a great influence upon human minds in developing perceptions. If advertising is only done for lucrative business and to earn money, then it is bad for the society. Advertising must be factual and should be free from concealing the faults of the products.

Honesty is good but one must follow it in real sense. Advertising is done in various ways, for instance, automobile manufacturers bring a new model car by slightly modifying its headlights and bumpers. In this way, they deceive public and charge a huge sum of money. Similarly, it can be witnessed in the public rallies, the politicians speak of change, economic growth, alleviating abject poverty and unemployment in a view to get support of masses, but in power however they are no different. One must not forget their hypocritical actions that contradict their professes. An honest man is spiritually strong and is revered by everyone. An honest man always feels tranquility of mind that gives the real happiness in this world. Honesty itself advertises its golden image that is perceived and judged by other. So advertising also helps a lot but it must reveals the true features of the product and true behaviors of the people.

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