In order to stand upright some inner strength is needed. In human beings, it is character. It means that one must be internally strong rather than externally. As a human being, we always seek others help. Dependence on others is very dangerous and it can be withdrawn at any time. One must be internally strong and independent, so that he can perform all his actions uninterruptedly. Sometimes people take the help of others status or wealth in order to prove themselves strong but that may not work all the time. For instance Perveez Musharaff (ex-president of Pakistan) ruled almost for a decade with the support of foreign powers. But this did not last long. So one must be independent and independence comes from achievement. Achievement cannot come without hard work. It means those who are lazy, idle and timid cannot stand upright, because they have no inner strength. On the other hand, the energetic and hardworking people always succeed in life and they live their life independently. There are fewer chances of their failure because they stand upright on their inner strengths.


As a matter of fact, human life is not ever lasting but as man lives his life should be upright with his inner strengths. Life should be full of achievement that must be attained through hard work and concentrated efforts. As it is said character is the index of the mind. If a person has good character which is based on his inner strength, he will be revered everywhere.


The character which is based on external strength will sooner or later collapse. So, one must stand upright with one’s inner strength that would be real achievement of life.

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