Means Justify Ends

There are two philosophies of life. If a person wants to reach some destination, he may adopt different ways to reach there. What method one adopts is to some people, not important but the ends are important. If a person wants to pass an examination, he can pass it by hard work or he can pass it by cheating. A man has always different choices as means. Ends are important not the means, this is called utilitarian approach. It means what one wants to get is important. The other philosophy of life is idealism, which says that if one wants to get a degree, he must work hard. End must be achieved by using appropriate and right means. This is called idealism.


The people, who want to earn profit and want to become millionaires, must achieve this desire through proper and legal means. If they do so, they adopt the philosophy of idealism. If they adopt illegal means to become wealthy, then they would be called utilitarian. But real success lies in idealistic approach, in which one is rewarded on yardstick to hard work and concentrated efforts. If someone adopts utilitaristic approach then he will grab the rights of others in order to fulfill his vested interests.


A person has always two options to choose from i.e. idealistic approach and utilitarian approach. If one goes for idealistic approach, he/she may not grab the rights of other, while if one goes for utilitarian, certainly he/she will grab the rights of other. So, one must ponder before going for any options because it is very essential decision of human life.

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