Each man is the architect of his own destiny

It is fact that destiny of man depends upon his own self. Most of the people are fatalistic, who believe in external factors to make or ruin their destiny. Whether it is good luck or jinx they strongly believe in external factors in shaping their fortune. Actually it is the man himself who makes his destiny; destiny does not make the man. Man is blessed with a lot of qualities that are a prerequisite to destiny. It is a common observation that those who work hard succeed; those who remain idle fail. It means success depends upon the will and efforts of a man.


There are four ingredients of success. First of all, one must identify his talent. One cannot do everything; people have interest for one thing and not for the others. The second thing is to find resources for achieving the goals. The third important thing is to work hard with consistency. These all three ingredients of success depend upon one’s own efforts. But the last thing which is also very important and that also contributes to success is luck. It is not in anybody’s control. It means in the broader context, success depends upon one’s own efforts and rest upon destiny. As it is said, “fortune favors the brave”. Brave in this context means the one who excels his efforts with consistency. Certainly, such people will be rewarded accordingly.


Thus it is clear that man is the architect of his own destiny. There are so many examples in history which tells about the success of people based on hard work like Einstein, Newton, Jabir bin Haryan, Karl Marx, Christopher Columbus, M. Ali Jinnah, etc. The problem does not lie with luck; the problem lies with oneself. It’s up to the man the way he moulds his destiny.

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Awesome . It’s awesome. I m a architect now. Thnx for this speech. I will mix it with my speech and make a bigger one. Thank you………….

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