Do We Live Better Than Our Forefathers

As soon as we emerged into the new era, the things developed rapidly. We have advanced technology, communication skills, transport, business and new equipments in every walk of life. Advanced media has made our lives comfortable but such advancements were absent in the ancient times. Pollution was not there because of absence of the industries, machines, vehicles and arms and ammunition. Today human beings are more worried than yesterday because of competition for status, prestige, fame and the chase of luxurious life. They have increased the needs for themselves; therefore, the failure to achieve those needs create problems.

Our forefather worked very hard physically in the field of agriculture and travelled through long distances by walking which maintained them healthy. But now we have got most advanced sources of transportation like airplanes, trains, vehicles and buses, which save the time but are also risky. There are chances of accidents in which life can knock the door of grave. Our forefathers were strong morally and culturally whereas we are not. Today, we are intolerant, jealous and conservative. Our forefathers were living a liberal life; liberty from needs and greed, liberty from tension and evil deeds. We became slaves today; slave to our thoughts, needs, greedy intentions and jealousy.

If we look into the lives of our forefathers, they were free from the tension of electricity, gas pollution, global warming, terrorism etc. The advent of new technology has created various lethal weapons of mass destruction due to which the whole scenario of war is changed. Today, a war between two atomic countries could destroy the entire economic, social, and military infrastructure of a nation.

Today man can control the forces but cannot control himself. Science and technology snatched the sense of responsibility from us.

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nice but not very should narrow the topic and have a better conclusion. so… it is now not so good,right 😉 keep trying. you are still young

You are right and most of all, thanks 4 d info cus i have a debate competition in my sch and am in support of what u av jst posted.

A gud write up veeeeeery nice but more is needed for better understanding in the mind of young ones

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