A clearly defined research topic is the first step in successful research. Selection of research topic is an essential part of research report, thesis or dissertation. It requires a lot of time, energy and resources to select an appropriate topic for the research. There are different factors which must be considered before the final selection of research topic. Some of the tips for selecting a research topic are given below:


  • The researcher must be interested in the topic
  • A faculty member must be prepared to supervise the researcher
  • The researcher can obtain relevant data on the topic
  • In case of quantitative research the researcher must know the appropriate statistical tools for analysis.
  • The topic should neither be too broad nor too narrow
  • Researcher must try to add something new to the literature
  • The topic should be Researchable
  • The topic should be Feasible
  • The research should be Ethical
  • The research should have practical value


In order to have some idea of various research topics in finance; a list is given below:

List of Finance Research Topics

  1. Impact of corporate social responsibility on firm’s financial performance
  2. Effect of mutual fund manager’s human capital on their portfolio performance and risk
  3. Determinants of CEO compensation: An empirical study on KSE 100 index companies
  4. Microfinance banks performing more than microfinance institutions in uplifting poverty in (country name)
  5. Affect of investment style on mutual fund performance
  6. Impact of taxation on financial services business location decisions
  7. Effect of gross domestic product on commercial bank’s profitability in (country name)
  8. Effect of inflation rate on banks profitability
  9. Impact of government subsidy on foreign exchange with respect to import of fertilizers
  10. Difference between overall efficiency results of conventional and Islamic banks
  11. Influence of inflation corporate financing discussion of firms
  12. Impact of capital structure on banks performance
  13. Impact of expense ratio on mutual funds returns
  14. The impact of interest rate and CPI on consumer lending
  15. The impact of privatization on the profitability of banks
  16. Impact of liquidity on market capitalization
  17. Impact of economics indicators on loans to private sector
  18. Increase in stock prices due to increase in foreign investment in (country name)
  19. Impact of taxes on corporate dividend policy
  20. The impact of crude oil price on index (e.g. S&P 500 Index)
  21. Impact of dividend policy on shareholder’s wealth
  22. Impact of liquidity ratios on profitability
  23. Role of stock market in economy
  24. Macroeconomic determinant of stock return study on cement and textile sector of (country name)
  25. Impact of activity ratios on profitability in the power and energy sector of (country name)
  26. On incorporating entities, turnover, inflation of minimum stipend fees in (country name)
  27. Role of inflation and factors affecting the inflation in current scenario of (country name)
  28. Impact of inflation and interest rate on investment: Evidence from textile sector of (country name)
  29. Maturity structure of firm’s assets and liabilities
  30. The impact of financial ratios and financing constraints on a firm
  31. Factors affecting corporate liquidity
  32. Impact of stock market volatility on equity premium
  33. Factors explaining the bank profitability
  34. Impact of liquidity on fixed investment
  35. Impact of interest rate on deposit and lending rates
  36. A comparative study of price volatility of shares listed in stock exchange before and after the setup and removal of floor
  37. Affects of taxes of financing decisions on firm value
  38. Intensive bank relationship and firm performance
  39. Affect of public debt on GDP and exchange rate
  40. Impact of discount rate changes on stock market return
  41. Relationship between capital structure and firms performance
  42. Small business (shop keeper) avoid taking loans from banks in (country name) when extra funds needed
  43. Performance of IPO’s in short-run and long-run on S&P 500 Index
  44. Impact of debt capacity on firm’s growth
  45. Impact of financial variables on systematic risk of common stocks: An empirical evidence from firms listed on New York Stock Exchange
  46. Seasonal anomalies in New York Stock Exchange
  47. Relationship between investment and stock returns
  48. An insight of banker’s on Islamic banking in (country name)
  49. The impact of oil price changes on industry stock return in (country name)
  50. Impact of exchange rate on foreign direct investment in (country name)
  51. Impact of electronic system on liquidity
  52. The effect of money supply and CPI on interest rate – A study of (country name)
  53. The effect of degree of financial leverage and degree of operating leverage on the systematic risk of common stock
  54. Change in rate of deposit and its effect on bank deposit in (country name)
  55. Effect of credit rating on capital structure; study on non-financial firms listed on Stock Exchange (e.g. New York Stock Exchange)
  56. Impact of capital on banks earning
  57. The impact of exchange rate on inflation in (country name)
  58. Impact of inflation on poverty in (country name)
  59. Impact of inflation on FDI in (country name)
  60. Impact of inflation on the production crop and manufacturer goods
  61. Impact of education on unemployment rate
  62. The impact of education on unequal income distribution in (country name)
  63. Trend of i-spread in (country name)
  64. Impact of inflation and real wages on labor productivity
  65. Impact of monetary policy on inflation
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