Tips for Selecting Marketing Projects Topics

Selection of research topic is an essential part of research report, thesis or dissertation. It requires a lot of time, energy and resources to select an appropriate topic for the research. There are different factors which must be considered before the final selection of research topic. Some of the tips for selecting a research topic are given below:

  • The researcher must be interested in the topic
  • A faculty member must be prepared to supervise the researcher
  • The researcher can obtain relevant data on the topic
  • In case of quantitative research the researcher must know the appropriate statistical tools for analysis.
  • The topic should neither be too broad nor too narrow
  • Researcher must try to add something new to the literature
  • The topic should be Researchable
  • The topic should be Feasible
  • The research should be Ethical
  • The research should have practical value


In order to have some idea of various research topics in marketing; a list is given below:

Marketing Research Topics

  1. To study the effects of sales man personality on brand image and brand sales at various stages of brand life cycle
  2. To study the managerial perception on the importance of corporate signage and its impact on its implementation
  3. To study the effects of sales person support to customer on sales of ready-made garments
  4. The effects of utilitarian, ego-defensive, value expressive and knowledge function on consumer decision making
  5. To study the effects of managerial perception on implications of multinational brands strategy on its implementation
  6. To study the impact of ad quality and program involvement on consumer zapping behavior
  7. To study the effects of consumer characteristics, product characteristics and market characteristics on manager’s choice of selecting and advertising appeal
  8. To study the relationship between consumer knowledge of Islamic banking and consumer product endorsement
  9. To study the impact of scarcity and authenticity of research data on effective marketing decision making
  10. To study the effects of sales force turnover on corporate image
  11. Culturally relevant music in electronic advertising
  12. To study the effect of extended brand name on brand identity and recall
  13. To study the effect of customer loyalty status and brand characteristics on brand recommendation
  14. To study the relationship between product characteristics and choice of exhibition
  15. To study the impact of customer steps on waiters salaries and job retention
  16. A comparative study between private and own labeling in textile industry
  17. The effects of new product development strategies on consumer brand perception and preference
  18. To study the consumer dealer service perception on consumer dealer choice
  19. Impact of word of mouth marketing on service selection preference
  20. To study the impact of commercialization on quality of higher education
  21. A study on the factors affecting success or failure of products at the time of re-launch
  22. Conflict between distribution channel due to modern retailing
  23. Conflict between distribution channel due to modern retailing
  24. A comparative study on sales-oriented and customer-oriented business approaches at telecommunication sector
  25. The effect of high concrete brand name on brand recall
  26. Reasons for non-consideration of brands
  27. Influence of price promotions on internal and external reference price of consumer
  28. A study of factor influencing consumer buying decision for car engine oils in Karachi
  29. Relationship between internal marketing, service quality and customer satisfaction
  30. Effects of publicity on consumer perception in showbiz industry
  31. Effectiveness of 15-30 seconds advertisements on recognition and brand recall
  32. Effect of corporate web portal on consumer perception towards the company
  33. How CSR efforts effect brand perception
  34. A study on relationship by retailer and its impact on store loyalty
  35. Consumers perception in competitive advertising
  36. A relationship between delays and evaluation of service and its impact on consumer satisfaction
  37. The effects of retention strategies on employ morale and productivity
  38. Impact of series quality and perceived value on behavior intentions of consumers in hospitals
  39. Self-concept, brand personality and its impact on brand choice
  40. Impact of demographics on fashion consciousness
  41. Effects of stress on impulse buying behavior
  42. Factor effecting consumer satisfaction in paint industry
  43. Factors effecting credibility of television news channels
  44. Effects of relationship marketing on consumer satisfaction and retention in life insurance industry
  45. Consumer perception of subliminal advertising (attention and retention of consumers for subliminal advertising)
  46. The affects of corporate response to defective products in consumer electronics on customer satisfaction
  47. Impact of higher sales discount on perceived quality, brand loyalty and buying decision of the product by customer
  48. Impact of in-store display on sales (A comparative study between new and mature product)
  49. A study on purchase and repeat purchase intention due to brand recall

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40 responses to Tips for Selecting Marketing Projects Topics

I’m doing a degree in international marketing at a certain University in Africa. I’m in my final year and have had difficulties in finding a research topic in international marketing, l’m interested in researching on something to do with the food processing industry or something to do with exports in this industry. Can you please assist me in coming up with a research topic. Thank you in advance

im a final year marketing student, i need your assistant in finding a research project topic in the area of advertising, i will be grateful for your assistant

In search for a research topic in marketing,kindly give me a tip or link to the data base.


I’m interested iin researching on a sales and marketing toping
And am looking for topic samples. Your assistance will be hgighly appreciated.


Hi I’m struggling to find a good research topic in Retail sector or restaurant business. plz help me

Hello I am a 3rd year marketing and sales management student at a university in South Africa i need help on finding a topic to research in brand or product preference! I am also a full time hairstylist maybe if i can get a topic work related please.

It will be appreciated

hi,i am a final year student in marketing for a post-graduate certificate.I wish to write a project and will need a research topic relating to micro-finance institutions:Credit Union.please i need your help.
While waiting ,accept my warmest greetings.thanks

am a final year student looking for a research project topic interested in Branding of corporate image

hi. um a finally year marketing student need a help in a topic for the research more especiaaly on retail marketing or brand.
thanks in advance even for the ideas above.

Assalam o allikum,
Am searching for a topic to conduct a research project related to marketing. Please HELP me out. God Bless.

hi i am doing my MBA and i am trying to do a research in sales promotions suggest me a good topic and helpful links and journals to know more about he same

i am student of MS (business administration) in pakistan searching a topic for research…….thanks for giving such nice topic…

i am a student of an Masters of Commerce in Marketing Management at a certain university in Zimbabwe and i need help with my topic that i am thinking of “Management control systems, to manage the implementation of strategic plans to improve business performance” is it researchable, and is it suitable for this level. please help.

Hi. Am a 4th year marketing student from kenya and am having problems finding a research topic. Pliz assist with any topic in product development launch, strategies. Thank you.

Hi, i am a banker in my final semester of mba- marketing- and wish to research on a topic in the banking industry. Kindly assist in coming up with one, if posible on credit issues.

i m pursuing MBA, 3rd sem. and i want do to research in marketing and sales. my interest area is advertising.
pls kindly suggest me some good topics.

how is this topic kindly suggest
a) why life of a sales/marketing executives in general trading firms(indenting chemicals) is not more then 2 to 3 years.


im looking a topic or title of my research in my subject in MARKETING RESEARCH. plz. help me or suggest me a good title or topics that related in Green Marketing…
Thanks God Bless

plz!!!!! help me guys…i need your suggestion. Im studying in University of Mindanao Davao City…
Thank you!

Hi am a 4th year marketing student and i am having difficulties selecting a research topic. I work in an advertising agency part time as well, is there any suggestions as to what could be a good research topic? Whether it be in advertising or any other marketing area

I am doing PG in Market Research and Data Analytics.
Please help me in finding a good topic for a Market Research Topic..Is it Possible to do MArket Research on Facebook? If possible what will the centre of importance of the topic?
Thanks & regards in advance..

hi i am doing my research in marketing final year i have selected one of the topic from the list given . now i need ur assistance to provide me a guideline

Helo,am a final year student in marketing. I need some material on customer relationship management. I really appreciate ur effort above. Thanks


I’m diploma in Marketing and m looking for help on a topic based on PRODUCT RECALL OR INTERNAL MARKETING .TNX IN ADVANCE

Hi im a 3rd year marketing student and im looking for a title or topic for my MARKETING RESEARCH subject. Please help me. Thanks.

Good day,
I am a final year marketing student. I kindly need advice on the following topics.
1. The effects of retail promotional mix
2. Retail Promotions on small enterprise
3. Retail Promotions Strategy.

Thanking you in advance.

Hello how are
Iam a final year student on marketing will you please assist me any research topic on service marketing
Thank you

Hi I’m a 3rd college marketing student. Can you help me finding a good and interesting topic fir a Marketing Reaserch. Thank you!

Hi ii am struggling to come up with a topic for my research project based in Marketing management field.I choose funding for small businesses in SA.I am not sure if it is researchable. Pls help me

Thanks for this helpful information! What a nice list of fashion marketing research topics. I totally agree with the author of this post that topic must be interesting: research can take a while and usually even more time than we expect it will. So, if you’re working during months on something you’re not passionate about, I can tell for sure results won’t bring any practical value. What is more, the topic must be measurable because if there are no tools or methods for proper research, keep looking for a better option. Finally, newness is crucial: if you choose something actual and what’s disturbing people in their everyday life, then you’re in the right direction. Anyway, thanks for the post!

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