Selection of research topic is one of the important challenges for the students of master or doctoral program.  A clearly defined research topic is the first step in successful research. Therefore a researcher must have clear idea of the problem he/she wants to address. Following is the list of different research/thesis topics to help the students understand the various types of research topics in the field of supply chain management.

Supply Chain Management Research/Thesis Topics

  1. Implementation of supply chain operating reference model in the manufacturing environment
  2. Implementation of supply chain operating reference model in the FMCG environment
  3. Impact of 3pl outsourcing on the performance of the company
  4. Business process outsourcing
  5. Impact of ERP implementation on working capital management
  6. On the synthesis of SCM technologies: A pragmatic model for food and personal care products industry in (country name)
  7. An exploratory approach towards integration issues between information technology and SCM
  8. Measuring the Bullwhip effect in the supply chain
  9. Impacts of risks in SCM
  10. Is outsourcing – A competitive edge for the business today
  11. Quantifying bullwhip effects and reducing its impact
  12. Automated supply chain frame work model for mid-sized pharmaceutical firms of (country name)
  13. The study of factors affecting the decision making of outsourcing in textile in (country name)
  14. Impact of organizational culture on the achievement of strategic advantages of ERP in (country name)
  15. Relationship between financial performance and logistics performance
  16. A study of factors which motivate companies to outsource logistics in green supply chain
  17. Design of an equilibrium model for the supply chain pricing and demand
  18. Perception and scope of 3PL/4PL in (country name)
  19. Role of trust in supplier selection under uncertainty in the automobile industry
  20. Supplier selection: A managerial dilemma, (country name) context
  21. General framework for planning in supply chain management equilibrium
  22. An optimized 3pl criteria for FMCG sector in (country name)
  23. Barriers in implementing the ERP in the garment industry
  24. Proactive supply chain as a risk management strategy in the food industry of (country name)
  25. Study of a novel approach to reduce transportation cost and its impact on the overall profitability of the firm
  26. Impact of information sharing among supplier and retailers on cost and inventory levels
  27. Impact of security and trust on internet purchasing in (country name)
  28. A pragmatic supply chain solution for exogenous variability impact
  29. The logistical factors that impact lead time variability
  30. Towards securing the supply chains
  31. RFID: An adaptive solution to dynamic transport optimization
  32. Measuring bullwhip effect in pharmaceutical industry
  33. The impact of supply chain failure on customer satisfaction for packed and processed milk
  34. A general purpose vendor selection framework for importing industry of (country name)
  35. The study of factor affecting the decision making of outsourcing in textile in (country name)
  36. An analytical approach towards JIT implementation and its effect on inventory to sales ratio of non-FMCG manufacturing sector
  37. A pragmatic design and implementation of an indigenous ERP in textile industry of (country name)
  38. The study of some deterministic parameters of supply chain performance
  39. Study of effective distribution network and availability of products at retail outlets
  40. Dimensioning value chain and discovering performance parameters
  41. Identification of some critical parameters for cost effective supply chain
  42. Impact of contemporary e-biz practices on global supply chain performance
  43. Meeting electric supply challengers with wind energy – A broad based study
  44. Identification of integrated supply chain practices and performance
  45. A comparative analysis of centralized versus distributed approaches in petroleum production
  46. Quantitative analysis of commitment level for the supply chain success
  47. Investigating some critical risk factors in supply chain management
  48. Quantifying lean manufacturing and its effectiveness in textile industry
  49. Relational framework, automatic registration and forecast in campus registration supply chain
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